Wood Staining & Lacquer Service

Wood, in its untreated state, is somewhat benign. Stain is the first step you can take to bring out the wood’s natural beauty. Complex, hidden grain patterns lie under the surface, and they might never be found without the proper use of stain. Stain is typically applied with a brush or cloth but can also be sprayed on. The most common use for stain is on doors, moldings, trim and cabinets to add definition and color.

Lacquer is a film-forming top coat used to protect and add luster to wood and is typically applied over stain after it’s dry. Sometimes referred to generically as varnish, lacquer and varnish are not the same thing. Lacquer dries fast, has minimal water resistance and is typically applied with spray equipment. Lacquer is solvent-based and provides a speedy, durable finish that’s easy to apply on interior woodwork, cabinets, doors, moldings and trim.

Varnish is thicker than lacquer and is typically applied with a brush. It is made from oils and resin and provides a better overall moisture resistance than lacquer and is more suitable for exterior use.

At Colorcraft Painting, we are proud to say that we are a certified wood staining company. We have extensive experience working on all sizes of commercial and residential projects and we only use premium stains and lacquers that provide superior protection and that bring out the genuine beauty of the wood.

We are also skilled at matching an existing stain color or shade. By hiring our qualified team, maintaining and protecting your stained wood doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task anymore!

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