Log Home Restoration Service

A log home restoration can be a lot of work, whether the damage has been from insects, water, fire, hail or woodpeckers, there hasn’t been a log home that our company has seen, that we haven’t been able to repair. In a log home, you have an advantage that nearly all your wood is exposed and visible. Colorcraft Painting will come and check your logs, look at the evident seals (caulking and/or chinking), inspect the cracks or separations in the materials, and keep an eye out for dark spots. It’s important that we repair any issues immediately before they become a bigger concern. If damage is left unattended, additional problems can occur. Basic and routine maintenance can save you thousands of dollars over a full home restoration.

A subject that’s more common than you’d think is when someone paints a log home. Often people are uneducated and haven’t done the research to understand that paint doesn’t allow moisture to escape the logs, causing it to be sealed inside and the wood begins to rot. Typically, the most frequent problem that we see is the discoloration of logs, that have succumbed to moisture, and the chinking is either cracked or falling out. This material needs to be replaced with a modern, flexible chinking for air tightness.

There are diverse ways to handle stain and paint removal on log homes. We always recommend removing old paint with media blasting and sanding before we begin staining the house properly. When using media blasting, we prefer to blast the logs with walnut shells or corncobs, then we thoroughly sand each surface, and finally, we clean everything with an air-compressor to keep all the wood dry. Once that’s done and the logs are stripped, clean and dry, the whole structure is ready to be re-stained using either a water, latex or oil-based stain and, lastly, re-chinked and/or resealed.

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