Deck and Fence Restoration Service

A wooden deck or fence is a considerable investment and can add value and beauty to your home if properly maintained. Rot and decay can take their toll over time so keeping them in top condition ensures their structural integrity as well. Neglected wood can become splintered and cracked and can lead to extensive repairs or even the need to have the whole deck or fence completely replaced, which is expensive. By protecting these structures with cleaning and restoring them regularly, your deck or fence will remain beautiful, safe and functional for years to come. 

Our process starts with a Colorcraft Painting evaluation of your deck or fence to determine their present condition and we will recommend the appropriate treatment. Our staff will gently power wash, scrape and sand your wood surfaces to remove all dirt, debris, mold and peeling finishes. Having a thoroughly clean surface ensures the best outcome for our conditioner and stain. 

After cleaning, we apply a conditioner with wood brighteners that restore wood back to its original color as well as removing any nail bleeds or marks. Our staff then tightens any loose screws or nails in preparation for staining. We will return to your project once the deck or fence has had ample time to dry. Before applying stain, we carefully protect your landscaping and sidewalks from any excess product. We only use the highest quality of stain formulated to deliver incredible, beautiful results that last over time to keep your wood looking great. 

Whether you’re looking to maintain and extend the longevity of a brand-new deck, or give an old fence new life, contact us at Colorcraft Painting, to keep your decks and fences looking their best. 

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