Epoxy Flooring & High-Performance Flooring Service

Resinous based flooring systems such as epoxy, urethane and polyaspartic are strong and well-known for their durability, resistance and finished appearance. These high-performance coating options come in a wide range of colors, textures and finishes and are preferred for commercial and industrial buildings as well as some residential rooms and garage floors. Resinous floors are regularly found in hospitals, parking garages, retail stores, shopping centers, stadiums, among many others.

Whether in new construction, a renovation project or a concrete repair, the proper application of a resinous floor coating is critical for the finished appearance and long-term endurance. The most crucial factor for ensuring the adhesion of the material is the proper surface preparation. The correct prepping techniques require special equipment such as, shot blasting, scarifying and diamond grinding.

Colorcraft Painting has years of surface preparation and coating application experience in a wide variety of facilities. We install solid, long-lasting, and easy to maintain floors for the most demanding of environments. Trained crews handle every step in the process, from preparing the substrate, to applying a wide variety of epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, non-skid coatings, clear sealers or concrete polish. Our reputation as a professional floor coating resource makes Colorcraft Painting the best choice for resinous flooring systems and high-performance coatings.

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